Announcement of Bid for Supervision Service of Jieyi Road (Jinanqu-Beihuan Road) for Infrastructure Construction Project in Jingbei District

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According to the plan letter of Jing District Mining [2019] No. 177, Jingzhou Chengxin Consulting Co., Ltd. was awarded the Jingzhou District Urban and Rural Construction Center of Jingzhou City by public bidding for the infrastructure construction project in the north part of Jingzhou District. Road) supervision services for government procurement. The announcement of the bidding results of this purchase is as follows:

I. Project Number: JQGJ-2019JC-FH021

Project Name: Supervision Service for Jieyi Road (Jinanqu-Beihuan Road) of Infrastructure Construction Project in Chengbei District of Jingzhou District

3. Tendering content: supervision services for Jieyi Road (Jinanqu-Beihuan Road) for infrastructure construction projects in Chengbei District of Jingzhou District

4. Procurement budget: RMB 947.5 thousand

V. Name and date of the media published in the tender announcement:

November 27, 2019

Sixth, bid evaluation information:

Bid Evaluation Date: December 27, 2019

Bid Evaluation Location: Jingzhou District Public Resources Trading Center (Government Procurement Center)

Members of the Bid Evaluation Committee: Mao Rui, Peng Yunxiang, Liu Jia, Ning Guomin, Yuan Jie

7. Winning information:

Name of the successful bidder: Hubei Huamao Construction Supervision Co., Ltd.

Successful bidder code: 91420500179121987C

The address of the successful bidder: Room B1-B1, 23F, Greenland Mingchuang C1 # Building, Greenland International Finance City, No. 750 Heping Avenue, Xujiapeng Street, Wuchang District

Amount of winning bid: RMB 104,000 (RMB 940000.00)

Main winning content: Jieyi Road (Jinanqu-Beihuan Road) Supervision Service for Infrastructure Construction Project in Chengbei District of Jingzhou District

8. The address for receiving the bid notice: Jingzhou Chengxin Consulting Co., Ltd. (The recipient must bring the unit's introduction letter or authorization letter to receive)

IX. Announcement period: 1 working day from the date of announcement

X. Questioning:

If the bidder has any doubts about the successful bidding result, he or she may submit a written challenge to the purchaser (agent) within 7 working days from the expiry of the announcement period of the winning bid (list the facts and provide evidence according to law).

11. Contact information:

Tenderer: Jingzhou District Urban and Rural Construction Center of Jingzhou City

Contact person: Li Mingkang

Contact: 0716-8015208

Address: No. 40 Jingbei Road, Jingzhou District, Jingzhou City

Agency: Jingzhou Chengxin Consulting Co., Ltd.

Project contact person: Wu Jiangxia

Phone: 13872402199

Address: No. 440 Beijing West Road, Shacheng District, Jingzhou City

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