Announcement of the Transaction Results of the Beautiful Village Construction Project of Zhongcun Village, Lusongpo Town, Badong County

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Beautiful Village Construction Project of Zhongcun Village, Lucongpo Town, Badong County


The people's government of Ludongpo Town, Badong County used competitive negotiation to purchase the beautiful village construction project of Zhongcun Village, Ludongpo Town, Badong County. The budget amount is RMB3040700.22 (the highest price). as follows:

I. Project Name: Beautiful Village Construction Project of Zhongcun Village, Lucengpo Town, Badong County

Project number: ESZGGZY2019121607

3. Consultation information:

Date of consultation: December 27, 2019 at 10:00 am

Place of Consultation: Bid Evaluation Office of Badong County Public Resource Trading Center

Members of the Consultative Group

1. Zhang Hongai 2. Zhang Feiyu 3. Li Xiyao

Five, transaction information

Transaction supplier name: Hubei Dafa Construction Co., Ltd.

Transaction amount: RMB 贰 100 贰 50 million (? 2851000.00)

Duration: 180 calendar days

Project Leader: Zhang Chao

Supplier Address: No. 6 Binhu Road, Maoping Town, Zigui County

Contact Information

1. Purchaser: Ludongpo Town People's Government, Badong County

Contact: Mr. Wu

Phone: 13227480088

Contact address: Lucongpo Market Town, Badong County

2. Procurement Agency: Enshi Yuanrong Project Management Co., Ltd.

Contact: Ms. Li

Phone: 15587542388

Contact address: Baiyun Road, Xinling Town, Badong County

3. Administrative supervision department: Badong County Finance Bureau

If the suppliers of this project have any objection to the negotiation result, they can submit it to the purchaser in writing within seven working days from the date of the announcement of the consultation, and the overdue period will no longer be accepted.

People's Government of Lucongpo Town, Badong County

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