Commodity / Purchase Project Termination Announcement

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Commodity / Purchase Project Termination Announcement

According to the requirements of the filing form (number: J19090340-0604) of Wuhan Qingshan District Government Procurement Plan, Hubei Maimengten Technology Co., Ltd. was commissioned by Wuhan Qingshan District Road Maintenance Team No. On December 26, public bidding was conducted for the commodities and procurement projects. According to relevant laws and regulations, this procurement project was terminated.

I. Project Overview

(I) Project Number: HBMMT-ZC-2019-1208

(2) Project Name: Commodity / Purchasing Project

(3) Project content and requirements:

1. This public bidding is divided into 1 project package, the specific requirements are as follows. For detailed technical specifications, parameters and requirements, please refer to the bidding documents for this project.

(1) Project package number: HBMMT-ZC-2019-1208

(2) Project package name: Commodity / Purchasing Project

(3) Category: Services

(4) Procurement budget: 1.5 million yuan

(5) Duration (service period): 1 year (After the first year of service expires, if the successful bidder's performance evaluation is excellent, the next year service contract can be renewed, and the service period should not exceed 3 years)

Reasons for project termination

Less than three bidders submitted their bid documents on time, and the project was discarded according to the relevant provisions of Article 36 of the "People's Republic of China's Government Procurement Law".

If it is necessary to reorganize the procurement, a separate announcement will be made on the Hubei Provincial Government Procurement Online.

Contact matters

Buyer Contact:

Name: Wuhan Qingshan District Road Maintenance First Team

Address: Qingtou Cement Factory Road, Qingshan District, Wuhan

Contact: Li Tao

Phone: 027-86529645

Purchasing agency:

Name: Hubei Maimeng Teng Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: 1-8, 5th Floor, Building 11, Wanda Plaza, Jiyuqiao, Heping Avenue, Wuchang District, Wuhan

Contact: Li Xiaoping, Xu Yuchong

Phone: 027-88921696

Fourth, the complaint telephone number of the government procurement supervision and management department

Phone: 027-68865212

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