Announcement of Single-source Procurement Transaction for Water Supply Project of Laohekou Public Security Bureau

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Laohekou City Public Security Bureau's single-source purchase transaction announcement for business and technology housing water supply projects According to the requirements of the letter issued by the Laohekou City Government for the purchase of Hecai Caibei [2019] No. 18, Hubei Dapeng Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. Entrusted to make a single-source procurement of the “Laohekou Public Security Bureau's Water Supply Project for Business and Technical Houses” at 10:30 on December 26, 2019. The review process has now ended. After review by the review team, the transaction results are determined as follows:


Laohekou Public Security Bureau

Purchase item name

Water supply project for business technology premises of Laohekou Public Security Bureau

Purchase amount (yuan)

258234 yuan

Contact person

Chen Yue

contact details


Single-source purchase method

Laohekou City Water Supply Company

Project basic situation

Everything in the bill of quantities

Construction period

90 calendar days

Price (yuan)

258000 yuan

Reasons for using single-source procurement and related explanations

Funding for the project will be self-raised by the Laohekou Public Security Bureau. According to the approval of the municipal government, the procurement method for this project is determined by the municipal procurement office. Due to the strong technical requirements of construction, in order to promote the project construction as soon as possible, our bureau recommends the use of a single source procurement method.

Other matters requiring publicity

If the supplier disagrees with the project requirements, the procurement method to be adopted and its reasons, it may raise a question with the agency company within 5 working days from the date of the single source announcement. The challenge letter is put forward in written form. The written challenge letter needs to be signed by the legal representative and affixed with the official seal of the unit, together with relevant evidence.
Publicity period: Five working days Announcement release date: December 27, 2019 Agency name: Hubei Dapeng Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. Contact person: Yang Gong Contact information: 0710-8226665 December 27, 2019
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